Attention Midlife Women: Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself, Embrace Change, and Create a Fulfilling and Exciting Future?

Transform Your Midlife Challenges into Opportunities for Growth, Clarity, and Confidence So You can Turn the Page and Start Writing the Best Chapter of Your Life!

The Midlife Magic Membership

Midlife Magic

Start writing the best chapter!

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Discover a comprehensive resource library and coaching program to embrace midlife and step into who you’re truly meant to be at this stage of your life.



Most coaches charge anywhere from $97 to $497 monthly for this kind of value.

But I decided to create a membership every woman could afford for just $7/month

You’ve been stuck for long enough, wondering what’s wrong with you and feeling sad about all the things that are changing.

You’re done living on auto pilot as your life speeds by.

You’re looking for the answers about who you are now that so much has changed, and you’re ready to figure out your purpose for the next stage of your life.


You're tired of shallow advice to dissolve your worries in a bubble bath...

You know you need deeper support than #fluff advice


You've scoured the internet for inspiration from other women ...

And while their success stories are great, you don’t know the steps they took to find their answers


You're not used to asking for help...

But you’re not getting anywhere on your own.

Here’s a bold question for you:

What if you could Unlock the SECRETS to Reinventing Yourself at Midlife?

Sounds too good to be true?


 Keep reading and I’ll show you how.


I’ll be honest with you. 

It’s been a long road getting to this point.

I remember the day my own midlife uncertainty raised her weary head: My youngest child started collecting university brochures. 

I could see the writing on the wall, and knew that very soon I would be living alone in my nest. The questions started fast and furious: Who am I if I’m not the mother off dependent children? What am I supposed to do with my life if I’m not on call 24/7? How can I proactively fill the impending void in my home – and my life – when my son moves out?

Oh, and the other big one? “Who is this woman staring back at me in the mirror?” I didn’t recognize her.

At the same time this was going on, my career as a nutrition coach had stalled. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled, and things had changed in my practice: My midlife clients weren’t responding to my coaching the way I was used to. I felt like I was failing them.

And I was bored.

So – as a midlife woman – I decided to go to grad school and get my master’s degree. That research program lead to more questions than answers, and so I stayed in school to earn my PhD, studying the social and cultural factors that get in the way of midlife woman taking care of their wellbeing.

But after 6 years of grad school, I still didn’t have the answers I was looking for.

Not all of them, anyway.

Yes, I learned about the obstacles for women – how society expects way too much of us. I had a firm grasp of life-course development theories, though they, too, are pretty vague about midlife. With my training as a nutritionist, I understood the physical changes that were happening to my body. Academically, I was on fire.

I knew why I felt how I felt, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Making Sense of Midlife Toolkit

You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.

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Does this feel familiar?

You don't recognize your self anymore and wonder who you are
You don't know what's next for you (your next purpose)
You don't feel like you're where you "should" be in life
You're afraid that you're wasting time
You feel confused and frustrated ... and yet
You're feeling the stirrings to do things differently
You're ready to create clarity and confidence about your path
You're ready to create new habits, change beliefs and explore your imagination

Let me explain how the toolkit can help.

This toolkit will help you get answers to your midlife questions.

Cancel anytime.

Here’s what you'll find in the "Making Sense of Midlife Toolkit Membership"
Making Sense of Midlife Toolkit Membership
This toolkit will help you get answers to your midlife questions.
Planners, Journals and Pages
In your private Member Suite, you'll find a growing library of 30-Day Journals, Planners and Guides to help you get started, or to provide a focus for your wellbeing and growth. Single Pages allow you to Build Your Own Journal according to your own path.
Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audios
You'll have 24/7 access to Mindfulness Meditations have been crafted specifically for midlife women, to provide support through a variety of experiences and changes. In keeping with your busy schedule, meditation audio recordings are intentionally kept to under ten minutes.
Mini Courses and Focus Pages
Engage in short trainings, challenges and mini-courses provide additional learnings. Focus Pages combine journal prompts and Mindful Meditations to help you dive deeply into a topic area. Daily Mindful Minute emails help you start your day with clarity. Join the private Facebook group for ongoing support.

As soon as you unlock your membership, you’ll have access to tools like:

self car journal
journal emotions
self care journal
Dr. Lisa
Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa Petty
I am a Midlife Alchemist and Wisdom Channel
As a midlife alchemist, I help women start to think about their lives in new ways. (That’s what alchemy means: turning the mundane into something marvelous!)
I got here as a result of a few things, including my own journey of midlife self-discovery after a nearly 20-year career as a women’s nutrition educator and coach, reiki practitioner and student of energy healing, and mum to 2 now-adults.
As part of my own midlife identity search, I earned a doctorate for my research about what gets in the way of women taking care of their own wellbeing. My teaching and coaching is part channeled wisdom and part research - and 100% percent focused on helping you drop other people's expectations of you, get out of your head, and embody your own wisdom so you can Be who you're meant to Be.
Taking the time to figure out what you want, what you can let go of, and who you (already) are is worthwhile. Lisa offers sensible tools to give you the courage to do that.


Recognizing that all of those experiences and feelings are real and that I share them with so many women is truly helpful. Lisa recognizes how hard it can be to get started, on how to change both behaviors and feelings.


The membership is an excellent resource, filled with awareness-building reflections and prompts that are geared to women who are ready to invest into their self-care and make themselves a priority.


Have a few questions?

Is there a minimum commitment to join the membership?

No, you can cancel anytime. Please note that as we don’t offer refunds, you must cancel your membership before your credit card is charged.

What's included in the membership?

As soon as you join, you'll receive the keys (log-in) to your private Member Suite. Starting immediately, you will begin to receive Mindful Minute emails to help you start your day with focus. You'll have access to self-directed mini courses and focused lessons as well as guided journals and planners. You can custom-build your own journal with downloadable pages. Join the private Making Sense of Midlife Facebook group for community and support.

How often do you add new resources?

The library is refreshed monthly. You'll be able to find new resources and strategies to support you on your journey.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime, but we'd be sad to see you go. Because we don't offer refunds, be sure to cancel before your credit card is charged.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of downloadable products and to keep costs low, we don’t offer refunds on these products products.

I belong to the Midlife Alchemy Monthly Membership. Do I need to join here, too?

No! Access to this toolkit is included for members of the Midlife Alchemy Monthly Membership. Visit your Member Suite.
You don't have to figure it out by yourself.
This toolkit will help you get answers to your midlife questions.

Cancel anytime.

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