Midlife Alchemy© Monthly Membership
It's time to create the life you really want.




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You've felt stuck for long enough. It's time to take the first step in becoming the next version of you.
Remember and revive forgotten parts of yourself
Let go of other people’s expectations of who you are and how you “should” be
Become crystal clear about who you are now
Align quickly with your highest good as you reframe midlife
Release self-doubt and the beliefs that have been holding you back
Revive your intuition and relationship with your own inner wisdom
Re-imagine what’s possible for you
Find the courage and confidence to live your next purpose
Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the Midlife Alchemy© Monthly Membership
Midlife Alchemy© Monthly Membership
You've felt stuck for long enough. It's time to take the first step in becoming the next version of you.
My Alchemy Path - 8 Module Course
Your guided path begins with 8 step-by-step video tutorials and guided reflection pages to lead you to clarity about who you are and the life you wish to create. Each step on your pathway is revealed in 1 week intervals so you can fully engage in your transformation. You have access to course materials for as long as you're in the membership so you can repeat sections to inspire deeper transformation as you grow.
A Well-th of Resources
As soon as you open the doors to the Members Suite, you will have access to an abundance of resources to support you on your journey, such as journals and planners, guided meditations, and daily Mindful Minutes to support all facets of your wellbeing. Your membership also includes access to the Making Sense of Midlife Toolkit. New treasures added monthly. Enjoy surprise discounts on products and services.
Midlife Alchemy© Inner Circle - Private Facebook Group
In this private group for members only, you can connect with other women sharing the path with you. Connect, share and learn from each other! Lisa provides regular live trainings and opportunities for you to get answers to your questions.
Dr. Lisa
Hi! My name is Lisa Petty
I am a midlife alchemist and wisdom channel.
As a midlife alchemist, I help women start to think about their lives in new ways. (That’s what alchemy means: turning the mundane into something marvelous!)
I got here as a result of a few things, including my own journey of midlife self-discovery after a nearly 20-year career as a women’s nutrition educator and coach, reiki practitioner and student of energy healing, and mum to 2 now-adults.
As part of my own midlife identity search, I earned a doctorate for my research about what gets in the way of women taking care of their own wellbeing. My teaching and coaching is part channeled wisdom and part research - and 100% percent focused on helping you drop other people's expectations of you, get out of your head, and embody your own wisdom so you can Be who you're meant to Be.
Taking the time to figure out what you want, what you can let go of, and who you (already) are is worthwhile. Lisa offers sensible tools to give you the courage to do that.


Recognizing that all of those experiences and feelings are real and that I share them with so many women is truly helpful. Lisa recognizes how hard it can be to get started, on how to change both behaviors and feelings.


The membership is an excellent resource, filled with awareness-building reflections and prompts that are geared to women who are ready to invest into their self-care and make themselves a priority.



What will I find in the Membership?

Once you have your keys to the private Member Suite, you’ll have access to your own “Alchemy Path,” as well as downloadable printables such as journals and planners, and recorded guided meditations to support you on your journey. You will also join other women on a similar path in the private Midlife Alchemy© Inner Circle Facebook group, where you’ll receive additional weekly trainings from Dr. Lisa, and have opportunities to get answers to your burning questions. You can give and receive support from other Members as you step into the fullest expression of your Self.

What do I need to know about downloads?

You can download and use the resources in the membership as often as you like. Note that some resources may be links to audio and video podcasts outside the Member Suite. We are not responsible for security of third party resources. Please read our Privacy terms for more information.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time – though we would be sad to see you go! However, as we don’t offer refunds, you must cancel your Membership before your credit card is charged for the next month.

What is My Alchemy Path?

Your membership includes immediate access to the first training in your own Alchemy Path to understanding who you are now and your (next) purpose. Every week for the next 7 weeks, another step on your journey will revealed to you. The intentional pacing allows you take the necessary time for reflection and putting your learnings into practice while also minimizing overwhelm.

What is my financial commitment to join?

The fee for Membership is $55 USD per month, charged to your credit card every 30 days.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the Membership, we do not offer refunds. If you wish to cancel your Membership, please do so before your credit card is charged for the next month.

Are there other coaching options available?

Dr. Lisa also offers group and private coaching. Reach out for details.

Figure out who you are now, and your purpose in the next phase of your life.
You've felt stuck for long enough. It's time to take the first step in becoming the next version of you.
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