The full-bodied, all inclusive soul purpose activation and amplification program

Are you starting to wonder?

How to respond to your Soul Stirrings?
What's next for you (your next purpose)?
What gifts and talents you can share with the world?
How you can make this life matter?
Or maybe you know your next purpose but...
You don't know how to start creating it - or you've stalled out
And so many distractions are clamouring for your attention
Or you're at a familiar point on your path where you often seem to get stuck
You're ready to try something different to shift your energy
And you know it's time to make conscious choices about your life experience
You're feeling called to activate and amplify your inner wisdom & bring your purpose to life

If you’ve answered yes, then the Embodied Wisdom energy activation & mentorship program is just what you’re looking for.

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa Petty

I am a wellbeing expert, wisdom channel, intuitive mentor for purpose-led women, and student of shamanic energy practice. And I am also deeply connected to Mother Earth. Her wisdom. Her cycles. Mother Earth is both a source of our caring and strength, and a beneficiary of it. We have simply forgotten.

I’ve created the Embodied Wisdom energy activation and mentorship program to honour the spiritual beings in our human bodies. When we’re looking for meaning and purpose in our lives, too often we forget the importance of the body that carries the spirit through this lifetime. A body in dis-ease is experiencing a spiritual blockage. And in circular fashion, when a body isn’t operating optimally, the persistent stirrings of the soul will easily be ignored.

Your wisdom really is embodied: The body you have is exactly the body you need to bring your purpose into being. Body and soul need each other to be finely tuned in order for you to reach your highest potential. And to reach for the stars, we must be firmly rooted in Mother Earth. In alignment with Her. It’s only natural.

The Embodied Wisdom mentorship program provides grounded and practical strategies for supporting your wellbeing so you can take a bold leap into possibility as you create your purpose.

If you’re ready to shift energy, reconnect with what is real and feed your body and soul in pursuit of living your purpose, sign up for the Embodied Wisdom mentorship program today.

Sending you love,


What will Embodied Wisdom provide?

A healthier version of yourself

The Embodied Wisdom way will help you feel lighter (emotionally and physically), have more energy, and enjoy better sleep.

More clarity about your gifts & what you bring to the world

With fewer physical distractions, you are better able to focus on what makes you uniquely you.

Confidence about your purpose

You will better understand (and embody!) how to use your unique gifts, talents and Being to create your purpose.

Equal parts body, mind and soul care

This truly holistic program gives you the tools to nurture all parts of yourself so you can be healthy and grounded on your life-long soul purpose journey.

A clearer channel to your own wisdom and intuition through your body

You will better attune to your own wisdom and intuition.

A deeper appreciation

As you experience more vibrancy in your body, you will come to know, admire and honour how your body uniquely aligns to your purpose.

Energy clearings and rebalancing

Along with receiving energy rebalancing througout the program, you will come away with strategies to harmonize your own energy.

… plus so much more!

  Registration closed for current session.

Please reach out to get on the waiting list for the next session.

Lovely things that women have said:

Taking the time to figure out what you want, what you can let go of, and who you (already) are is worthwhile. Lisa offers sensible tools to give you the courage to do that.


Lisa was able to provide clarity in a way I had not experienced before. She allowed me to tap into my inner gifts and help guide me in a direction to help remove the blocks I did not even realize I had. This awareness will greatly help me in all aspects of my life.


Recognizing that all of those experiences and feelings are real and that I share them with so many women is truly helpful. Lisa recognizes how hard it can be to get started, on how to change both behaviors and feelings.


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